Hear ye, HEAR YE, Euphoria has finally come!

We are very proud and thrilled to announce that today, with the site finally live, our commitment to create a chill and open community expanded from the Steam platform to the Net, to bring you reviews, suggestions and chill vibes!
The plan was in the work for some time now, but unfortunately due to COVID it took a bit longer than expected to set up. Nonetheless, we are here -with if possible even more motivation after all the hard work- to bring you the whole package of the Euphoric experience!

On the site our editors will go through what in our opinion are the best games you can find, with detailed reviews and information for you to find the perfect one to fit your vibe. They will also keep you in the loop of upcoming promising releases, news about the gaming and tech world, and mini series to share the Euphoria vibe with our community, with the main purpose of entertaining.

We hope you’ll join us in our journey, because we are ready and committed…
but a trip is best with the right companions to enjoy it with.

We look forward to hear suggestions and feedbacks you may have to bring you the best experience, and we’ll see you in Euphoria!

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