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Team17 and Tributary Games, today have announced their new title: King Of The Castle. It is a narrative-driven game, with stream interaction that takes a new innovative idea. Making storytelling a social aspect rather than just a solo experience. Even after the global pandemic, gamers have found a new home playing social games together, it could be social deduction, maybe even joining your favourite in Marbles. Whatever it may be Tributary Games has come up with a whole new concept and we are eager to try.

King Of The Castle thrives on giving you a social experience through a shared story, It could be through your browser with strangers or together with your twitch chat. The game really sounds apealling before we even touch base on the concept and how it plays out.

The game will  have lots of mini storylines for you to work through, The host of the game will be the monarch, while everyother player(so twitch chat) will be a member of the council of nobels. Together you must make your way through the storylines facing down power and fantasy, as they come face to face with their treacherous  – yet comedical consquences of their actions.

"Write your own stories - With Chat"

The premise of the game sounds easy – yet super fun. The hosts or “Monarch” will be the ones playing through the story, they will have to keep the demands of the nobels in check, while also not preventing a politcal uprising. You will also be able to Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes, or alter the law entirely to give yourself extra sway in the polls. The “Nobels” So twitch chat, friends or even strangers playing along in the browser. their main weapon for the storylines is words, at the start of the game each of the players will be divided into homelands and be able to voice their opions.Will you rise against the crown and stage an uprising, will you vote against them to make the monarchs life harder, that is left up to you.

To me it even seem crazy on how this will all play out, the stories are endless with hundreds of unique medievel style stories to try, each with their own characters and consquences it will shape up to be the best new way to have a fun time with friends.

While there currently is not much to go on, it is being played live at Twitchcon so more gameplay footage will be available soon. Not due out until 2023 im sure we will be in for a lot more information regarding this title in the upcoming months.


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