Builder Simulator: Dream It!, Build It!

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  • June 7, 2022

Everybody dreams one day of owning their perfect dream home.Imagine the possibilities you could do. Starting from the outside shell and moving into the interior layout,Maybe you even want to build it with your own two hands. Sadly most can just dream because the sheer cost of your dream project realistically is out of reach. Thanks to LMG though we can now live out our planning and house construction dreams in the form of their new game Builder Simulator.

" Building Isn't Easy, But Surely Is Fun "

When it comes to Builder Simulator, it follows the perfect simulation core fundamentals and manages to implement them very well.A simulation game needs to be realistic enough that you can immerse yourself into the world, and feel like you are actually doing the thing you are simulating. Secondly it needs to be fast enough paced, simplified to the point where the repetitive tasks are cut down, so you actually feel a sense of progression. Let’s be honest with ourselves, nobody wants to play a simulator where you actually have to wait hours for the paint to dry. LMG have listened to player feedback from the demo and earlier version to get this recipe just right, and now they have a system that is not only realistic but enjoyable to play.

The premise of the game is exactly what it says on the tin, Builder Simulator. You take on the role of a builder, and can plan out your buildings from foundation to roof. The game functions way better than just having a predefined house to modify. You actually start out with your blueprints. This is where the magic happens, where you can really get your creative juices flowing. I had a fantastic time coming up with some funky layouts, you plan out your basic shell, add your exterior windows and doors and boom, you got a basic house. That’s not what we are all here for though we want the dream house that is in our head. Not a problem as you can also plan out interior load bearing walls, plasterboard walls, interior doors, pools, anything the house could need you plan it out before you begin the construction process.

Before we can start the construction process or jump into the main game, every builder needs to learn their tools, right? Well we have been provided with a very nice tutorial section that takes you through each stage of construction and tools you will use, in separate bite size pieces so the tutorials do not feel too long.

" Know Your Tools. "

I really appreciated it, you do not want to be stuck on the same task for a long time, so these bite size tutorials give you a taste of what’s to come, with the first encounter with the games mascot Bill Der, you come to love the little robot with his light-hearted sense of humour mixed in with some dad jokes for good measure.

You will have loads of tools to use and master.When playing this game you will truly feel like you are learning so much about building a house. The game walks you through it in a nice structured way on what tools to buy, what bricks you need. There is much to learn in this game, but I  felt a sense of accomplishment when I put up my first wall. There was something oddly satisfying about turning on my mixer, then smearing the mortar on the bricks as I completed the wall. There is so much needed to build a house and you get to do every single part of it. Couldn’t ask for more in terms of adding mechanics for realism.

Currently Builder Simulator offers two other modes outside of the tutorial. The first mode is contracts, if you are familiar with any other simulator game, this is when there is a set list of objectives for you to complete most of them have strict necessary restrictions meaning your creativity is restricted in this mode.

I Personally would have liked a different approach to the contract system, and maybe added a portfolio type mode, similar to those you see in House Flipper or Car Mechanic Simulator. Though this game Is currently in early development and would not be surprised if they already plan to integrate the contracts into a similar style mentioned. The second mode is the creativity sandbox mode, where you can design till your heart’s content with unlimited budget.

" Location, Location, Location. "

Every Good builder knows the key to a beautiful home is the location and size of the plot of land the house rests on. Builder Simulator already offers us 8 different locations, ranging from the mountain ranges all the way to the tropical setting. Each location gives you three sizes of plots, to choose from. So if you want to build a little house it will not look silly on the huge plot of land. Thanks to this the game has so much variety already, you can try to match architecture styles, building a house in the tropics, maybe you want a wooden hut, why not, they have done such a fantastic job at not limiting you on what you can and can not do.

Not everybody wants to build a house, maybe they are more the artistic type and would love to spruce up the interior. Sure there are other games that share that concept but most of them you have to stick to a pre-designed shell. With Builder Simulator that all changes though, you can plan your house in the blueprints or randomize a house, and load it from you planner and voila! That house will appear nice and constructed for you. Now you can get on with changing the floors, adding furniture and sprucing up the place to make your dream become a reality. I was so shocked how easy it was to start doing this and a fantastic addition to add to the game.

Builder Simulator Is off to a fantastic start, and if LMG keeps delivering us updates it could turn into a masterpiece. If I could have a portfolio of all the houses I have made while turning a profit, I could see myself trying to become the next big builder.

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