Kapia Review: A Wonderful 3D Point & Click Adventure

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  • April 24, 2022

Kapia is a wonderful point & click adventure. Brought to you by a team of two, outside of hiring voice actors and composers, all the work was done by them. You can feel the love that went into this game, and why it was successfully kickstarted.

The premise of the game revolves around a fearless young girl Reny, and her grandfather Stefan, a retired pilot.  Stefan has just returned back from an expedition to find the “key”. There is a conflict going on in the world, with east and west being divided. Stefan wants the conflict to just end and everyone to be at peace. As chaos ensues though Stefan quickly finds out he is going to need a little help, Thankfully he has got Reny who is already on the case.

" Point & Click With Variety "

KAPIA is a point and click adventure at its core. You will need to interact with the objects around the environment, if you want to successfully complete your journey. There is a range of different types of objects for you to interact with and the variety is nice to keep it feeling fresh. Your objects will need to be inspected for closer look, as you can take parts from different objects and combine them with other objects. Just like any other point and click game the objects are key to solving the puzzles.

The puzzles in the game are very thought out and some are a bit harder to grasp if you are not paying attention. You can find yourself walking back and forth, only to have the idea to try something that seemed too obvious at the time. Most of them are very intuitive and fun to play around with, like controlling your house robot. Nothing says steampunk more than your own personal robot. If you do struggle, the game offers you a very handy hint system that will store up to three hints that are on a time delay, this is to stop you just using hints and not trying yourself. The option is there so why not give it a try.

The environment itself is a beautiful masterpiece and the art direction matches the narrative of the game very well. The city is also bustling with life, and offers you so many more interactions than just the objects you will need to progress. You can play mini-games in the form of classic games like robot boxing, darts and more.

" A Beautiful World Full Of Life "

If i wasn’t playing games during my journey i was exploring every nook and cranny of the world taking it all in. You will experience so much in terms of lore, if you talk to everyone, read the leaflets and check the terminals. There are so many blanks that get filled in, if you explore and choose every dialogue. There is plenty to keep you entertained, so many choices with so many answers it really is nice to have that much depth in such a small game.

The game however feels more controller focused than a traditional keyboard and mouse. The objects that are intractable, and a smoother camera makes for a more enjoyable time. When I tried the mouse and keyboard, I noticed some camera transition delays, where i had to move back and forward to get my camera to transition back to a previous one, then to the new location. However it was only a handful of times and did not negate my experience too much.

KAPIA is actually a very fun and engaging point & click adventure. It keeps you Immersed the whole time by giving you a beautiful narrative, and  characters that bring so much more to the game than just puzzles to solve. Each character feels different and unique with their own individual personality that makes just love the adventure more. Alongside the beautiful world that is just so aesthetically pleasing, and the charming soundtrack I couldn’t help but keep myself falling into the world of KAPIA.

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