Madshot(EA): Styling on Cthulhu

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  • June 9, 2022

Madshot brings you some fast paced action in this Rogue-Lite shooter. Time to grab your guns or whatever weapon you can find and start slaying and you sure will  look good doing it.

If you get the chance to take down Cthulhu you should take it while you can. In Madshot this is your ultimate goal, make your way through the city that has been taken over by Cthulhu and his minions. You will be tasked to slay everything in your path, nothing will stand in your way. Spray down your enemy with your guns while doing backflips because killing bad guys never looked so cool.

" Non-Stop Gunslinging And Flipping. "

The gameplay manages to integrate rouge-lite elements with an acrobatic shooter, which immediately brought me back to the fun I had when I played My Friend Pedro. While the acrobatic styling might be similar, the game itself is way different not only in terms of the darker story but with the rogue-lite elements that actually pairs nicely with the fun of an acrobatic shooter.

The world and narrative of the game dragged me in, I felt myself taking over my protagonist gunslinger, As I did a backflip and watched two hideous looking monstrosities blow up in front of me. I was immediately hooked and this was only the first run through the game  As I progressed it got even better when I was introduced to the boss fights with multi phases that gave me a feeling of “Git Gud”, So even though I was failing I knew if only I came back a little stronger next time i could do it.

Madshot  says it is a rogue-lite and it certainly delivers on giving you all the best elements you expect from this genre. Starting with the procedurally generated levels each run plays differently and so it should. You are going to die so many times in this game, it will start to feel the same if the levels were pre-designed, but thanks to the design choice of procedurally generated levels it greatly helps with the replayability of the game.

" Fit Your PlayStyle. "

When you clear each room you have a choice to make on which path you should take, each path will ultimately decide your fate. I found myself really trying to plan out which path I should take. Should I take the alteration – a perk that will carry through with you during your run to help strengthen yourself, along with the enhancement, these are the core really if you want a successful run. I am clearly not good enough because I usually took the easy way out and went with as many Aether rooms as I possibly could as they are a currency that carries over when you die, and you can buy some perks directly from the overworld which stay with you for each run. I personally advise trying this strategy if you are struggling, or starting to find the game super hard, you will seriously thank yourself later. 

Madshot is still in early access but the developers have really delivered with so many upgrades and weapons so far already in the game I constantly found myself changing my build and weapon to spice things up after all “variety is key to life”. Each upgrade is aptly named and well thought out, There is a wide range of perks to be had in this game, They range from giving you attack speed to releasing gas clouds when you jump(nothing says take that bad guy when farting on them). There is multiple weapons also to collect each with different strengths and weaknesses of course, but that the whole fun in games like this. It invites you to change it up every run, and you should challenge yourself make up your own rules, or take on one of the many challenges the developers have left in the game to unlock some spicy weapons or permanent perks. I am really excited because I think this is going to be one for those who like to speed run, so it will be fun to watch.

With all early access titles there comes a question of performance and balancing issues, for the performance side of things it was smooth all around. I never noticed any frame drop/ performance spikes, The game is already running well and we love it.When it came to the balance side of thing for the most part it was fine and I had no issues but there is certain enemies that when paired up with others block your path and you get hit because you can’t make a successful escape, I also found some of the enemies where just more annoying rather than hard and took away from the overall experience. I also felt that the sense of room progression sometimes feels off when you play through a level that is harder than the next.

When it comes down to it  Madshot  is an outstanding rogue-lite that takes the formula and severally turns it upside down, I had a blast of time and I will continue to slay all the creatures and can not wait to see what is next in the future updates.

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