Please Fix The Road: A Charming Minimalistic Puzzle

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  • June 12, 2022

Everybody loves a good puzzle to challenge themselves, either for fun or to give their brain that daily dose of thinking. Ariel Jurkowski entry title on steam Please Fix The Road will cater for those looking a more casual puzzle game, very simplistic in nature but the difficulty of some of the levels are sure to make you think.

Please Fix This Road is a puzzle game that in short is a “get to the other side” style of gameplay. Thankfully it is much more and there is a twist, the paths are either blocked or destroyed and your job is to find a clever way of making this happen. I say you need to find a “clever” way because it is not so straightforward as it sounds.

" Build, Fix & Destroy. "

To achieve your goal of fixing the road, you will be giving a plethora of tools at your disposal. Here is where the fun starts and the thinking begins: you are not free to choose which tool you would like or when to use it, but instead each will be added to a queue system, and you will have to use them in the order that is provided.

The tools that you have access to, differ from level to level and the game slowly introduces them to you throughout. When you “receive” a new tool, you will be giving an easier level to become familiar with it without being overwhelmed. At the start of Please Fix This Road you will be giving some “basic” tools to give you the feel for the mechanics. Start off by destroying,moving or rotating new tiles to help you reach the end of the road. As you progress and the game ramps up its difficulty, you will need new tools as you will be soon doing more than rotating and destroying, but instead you will have to slide, duplicate and add blocks to finish the level. The level could give you one tool with multiple uses or decide to give you four with a single use, you never know what is coming and helps break up the game by giving you a variety to play with.

The art style of this game, is really what sets it apart from others currently in the puzzle genre. The game boasts a very vibrant low poly look, with popping colours everywhere, The animations are something you definitely do not see everyday, these wacky transitions, give you the WOW factor.

" Indie Game With AAA Animations. "

The developer really showed us what  you can achieve when  you be creative and experimental and it really came together nicely, even after multiple hours in the game I was still mesmerized by how surreal it looked. Everything about this game screamed chill, the relaxing downtempo soundtrack helped take your focus off the heavy thinking. I really think when it came to sound and art direction the game hits the nail on the head on what it wants to achieve.

After spending hours on this title in a row, I was severely enjoying myself but I couldn’t help start to feel some burn out. Even with the variety of gameplay, I think this suited me better  to play it like how I would play  Poly Bridge: Playing a few levels in the morning or while I wait for my queue to pop in my multiplayer game. It definitely feels a lot better to play this way rather than playing multiple hours in one sitting.

The game is superb and I had a blast of a time, challenging enough but casual enough not to get frustrated. There is a few QOL improvements I would like when it comes to the game mostly when it comes to try to remember things. Sure the key-bind shortcuts are simple, but i would honestly like a way to remember them outside of the tutorial. Also when you have so many tools and the only way to remember what they are is to use them,a simple hover over naming the tool appropriately would definitely help when it comes to accessibility.

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