Ready or Not: SWAT Reborn?

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  • December 23, 2021

The year was 1995, and released was the beginning of what I think was the best C.Q.B tactical shooter franchise releases, that was none other than Police Quest SWAT. When it hit the shelf people were ecstatic, this was the pinnacle of tactical shooters, aimed for both realism and entertainment. As the years went on we got numerous SWAT titles, Somehow managing to captivate more of an audience each game. The last we got was SWAT 4 in 2005. Any fan of the genre thought all was lost, as the years went on. Sure we got realistic multiplayer tactical shooters, or more arcadey SWAT games, but as a fan of the more single player experience, or co-op with a friend vs AI, there was an itch I was still missing. I still wanted to play a more modern SWAT game. I never thought it was going to come, until 2017 when void interactive shook the world , by showing what essentially every fan of the genre wanted. A New Tactical SWAT Game, Ready or not. Fast forward to now and they have released the game  in early access,So I hopped on that game straight away. How does  it fair? Let me break it down.

" A Modern Day Swat Experience . "

Ready or not is currently in early access, so the game is subject to change very heavily.

As you start the game, you are dropped into the SWAT HQ. Instead of having a 2D text menu for your loadouts or mission select like most games do. Void interactive has decided to take the approach of adding everything you need in this 3D interactive HQ.So far so good. In the HQ you will find the briefing room where you select your missions  from the map on the desk. Venture to the side of the briefing room and you will find a locker room, so as you might think this is essentially where you gear up and change up your loadout. If you want to customize your weapons with sights and grips you will find these downstairs at the quartermaster. While you are down there you can also practice shooting in the firing range, test out your breaching tactics in the kill house or work on your non deadly force takedowns. All these features in the HQ makes it feel more of that realistic simulator than a game and gets your blood pumping even before you enter a mission.

When it comes to how much content  ready or not has, I can say it is more than fair enough at this point in my opinion. You already have so many weapons at your disposal, there is definitely enough variety here to change it depending on your mission, playstyle or what your team needs.There are also multiple different attachments for your gun,multiple choices for headgear, armour and devices to carry, you or your team will always find what you need to complete that mission.

" A lot of content even for early access. "

Ready or not, also has 6 locations currently for you to deploy to. Most of these come in different mission types, which will range in difficulty from medium to insane. Each mission involves a different operation you have got:

  • Barricaded suspects.
  • Raid
  • Active shooter
  • Bomb threat
  • Hostage rescue

I think these give the player a variety of different tactics to try out because each mission has multiple objectives and you will need to approach the map very differently. The one problem with the missions is currently there is no pre-planning in ready or not current state. Which is a shame because nothing screams more tactical than sitting down and planning how you are going to enter and what paths you are going to take. Although this can be planned by yourself and with your squad if you have people to play with, without pre-planning as after you play a map a few times you will learn the layout but sometimes i would still get a bit confused in all the commotion, so for personally i can not wait until they add this planned feature.

" CO-OP or Solo the choice is yours . "

The game currently has single player or co-op for you to tackle these missions. In single player you have an AI Squad that you can command all with a smart hotkey button, which is nice for those quick tactical moves the game will suggest you. You can also use the detailed command menu that has all the options you will need to complete your mission without any hiccups

While the game is fun solo, it is better with friends in co-op, because communication is key after all and nothing beats the fact of you and your squad taking down some bad guys. It makes you feel accomplished, when you execute perfectly and everything goes smoothly. It also depends on how serious you want to take it. As far as matching with people in the public lobbies I am sure there are some great guys on there, but i would not recommend it as you will get guys who don’t have a mic, or simply do not communicate not good for a game were not doing this will cost you your life.Your best option is playing with friends or finding a party that suits your needs or requirements on how you like to play. As the game is still really early access the amount of parties you will find will greatly increase as the weeks go on.

As far as the gameplay is ready or not goes, for the most part it is fine, but you can tell this game is still in early access at this point, and I certainly wish it was a bit better, or they waited a bit longer to release into early access. In solo most of these things that will hinder your experience is more noticeable. The AI being a main constant issue, both the player’s squad and the enemy AI.

During my multiple runs through different maps and different difficulties, I noticed that on some maps your AI squad pathing is just horrendous and will cost you your squad’s life.  Once you hit “on me” command to bring your squad back together after clearing multiple entry points, they take an unusual route and go through someplace you have not yet cleared and you notice while watching their head cams that they have now been gunned down, and your mission is basically all but over. Another point to take into consideration is the fact that these AIs have XRay eyes and found myself getting shot through walls multiple times, no matter if I have made no noise or not. The same can go for your team. I watched them call civilians from a guy that was up two flights of stairs above them and there was no way they could have seen him. The game is still in early access so I expect this to a certain degree.

Despite all the bugs mentioned above that is the most noticeable, and another few scattered here and there which is expected in a game in early access. I still didn’t feel the need to give up, I just sucked it up and re-tried. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, trying all the features and weapons this game currently has to offer. I must say the game screams realism and you will soon notice. As  one wrong move will cost you not only to lose yourself but a few good men in the process. Ready or not has a steep learning curve but still remains fun and entertaining for hours.

  • A Tactical Playground

    " Ready or not, gives the player a game we all have wanted for a long time. They have delivered in their promises and making it as realistic and tactical as possible and it really shows. Even with it being in early access with some numerous bugs which is expected, I can overlook that due to that fact this experience delivers. "

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