Scarf Review: A Breathtaking Journey

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  • January 7, 2022

Scarf is a 3D platformer with quite a few puzzles for you to sink your teeth in.3D platforming games have been about a long time, and i am sure you guys have fond memories playing the classics, that feeling they gave you of going on a magical journey with very little to no repercussions if you missed a jump or couldn’t work out your puzzle in time. Scarf actually manages to captivate the essence of playing one of those platformers in the modern day, not only does it keep the core of what makes the genre good, but it also adds its own mechanics and touches to keep the game feeling fresh and new.

Scarf has a beautiful overworld that doubles as your level select.

" A fun twist on a classic genre. "

As you first enter Scarf, you are greeted with this mystic fog, with very low visibility and nothing around you but emptiness. In the distance you see a red looking dragon thing and the game edges you closer, begging you to inspect this magical creature. As you approach, you feed this dragon creature a crystal, he seems to enjoy this and this will soon become apparent, As he wraps around your neck and literally makes a Scarf.

Now your little hero is ready for his quest..with a good fashion sense, but fear not this is more than just a fashion accessory, Scarf has updated the need for a utility belt because you have got a living, breathing utility scarf.This little quirky thing is your main tool throughout the game, hence the namesake of the game, as this is a non combat game, the scarf will be used to help you traverse throughout the different biomes and solve puzzles.

At the beginning of the game your scarf is basic and is just there for style points, but it will not be long before you pick up your first upgrade for the scarf, giving it more powers and a gadget for you to use. I really think uprising studios have done a good job by making the mechanics you need to solve the puzzle and traverse the world, integrated and stylized into the scarf.

" Become friends with your living scarf. "

Firstly you will unlock the double jump, of course this is the pinnacle of every platformer, this turns your scarf into wings, next you will unlock what is essentially a grapple that will let you hook onto certain points and swing. Once you progress even further you will unlock even more mechanics to help you traverse the world including a scarf slingshot and a glider.  I found that with all these different scarf abilities, you will never seem to get bored of traveling as you can switch up what you use to get to your destination making for a fun and a great time.

Your scarf takes many different forms.

Scarf’s world is absolutely beautiful, with a good use of vibrant colors, and different biomes. I found myself just staring and taking in the surroundings every chance I got. Usually in games i will explore and check out what each place has to offer, but when it came to scarf it was different, it felt like the game was inviting me to explore and not just a thing i would do for myself.

Which is a good thing because once you take scarf up on it’s offer to look in the corners you will be greeted with lots of collectibles to find.  And i would recommend you also look for these as it really adds to the value of the game, not just for enjoyment but some of these collectibles actually dictate to you more of the story and fills in the blanks you are missing.

You will find these scattered throughout the world, in the forms of drawings that resemble beautiful cave paintings, old fashioned toys, and the best part the dark ink blobs. Once you find them you will get a guy narrating to you more of the story keeping you intrigued, these are also vital for knowing the meaning of your heroes journey.There is a total of nine of these throughout the game, but if you do not find all of these, the story you get told at the end will change. So you will require two playthroughs to get the full rundown of the game. Sadly the multiple endings only changes the exact end of the game and not the actual run through of the game, none the less i would still tell you to experience both endings.

The world is split up into three biomes, and with each biome comes puzzles related to the environment. You will get to traverse through the ocean, desert and forest. In all of them you will have multiple puzzles to solve. The puzzles have enough variety in them to make it not feel so dull and repetitive and give you some fun mechanics to play with also. My personal favourite was the ball that let you traverse through the water. There was something magical getting to experience coral around me with water to the left or right not penetrating this bubble that I could control.

" Made for every type of gamer. "

If you are not a fan of puzzles and prefer a narrative and chill relaxing experience fear not, while this game has puzzles for you to solve they are not difficult in any means and the game is very forgiving, with multiple checkpoints if you fall into the abyss or into the water, you will reload directly before that jump, Trust me i found this very handy as i myself failed a few jumps more than i actually care to actual admit.

With all these points taken into consideration, a 3D platformer journey about a hero fighting for something, is it a good reason? Is it a bad reason?. We do not want to ruin that for you, you just need to experience that for yourself, you will not regret jumping in this game, Everything about this game is atmospheric and fits so well with each other, the artwork is breathtaking, the music and sound effects are tranquil and the narrative is so intriguing, This is one everyone off all ages will love.

  • A Beautiful addition to the genre

    " Scarf gives you the feel of an old classic 3D platformer, while adding its own fresh take and mechanics to genre. The vibrant world and beautiful soundtrack is out of this world. Through in some Intriguing Story and you got yourself a game. "

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