Sunday Gold: A Bloody Cool Mashup

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  • September 21, 2022

Sunday Gold takes the traditional point-and-click and turns it on its head. The infusion of RPG elements makes sure the game can not be played in the familiar ways we all know and love in point-and-click games.Gone are the easy ways of clicking everything around you , while you  slowly enjoy your time, with the introduction of the RPG elements you will now have to not only solve the “classic” puzzles, but you will also have to manage AP(action points), health, stress and turn based combat. It really takes a whole new approach on how point-and-click games are generally played.

If you are looking for a futuristic, British setting with a crack team wanting to stick it to the man(A corporate overlord) then Sunday Gold will hit all the correct spots. You have your wizz team ready to take him down, The mastermind, The bruiser and the hacker. It really sounds like a tagline for a movie, but works even better with the comic book feel they are going for. With each of the three chapters you play through you are giving highly detailed environments that would be worthy of being in a comic book.

" Explore, Fight And Explore More. "

Action points is what makes this game feel more like a JRPG than a point-and-click. I was so used to traditional point-and-click games that I was mindlessly clicking, not fully aware of the systems in place. The action points carry over from combat to the exploration adding a more sense of using your action points correctly and balancing out the actions between the team and not solely just one member,After working out the best strategy is to not rush the fights with your skill points but take the time and use them efficiently the exploration goes more smoothly, than just trying to rush the fight. This is where the management side comes in. If you run out of action points on your exploration, you will either have to use consumables or end turn. Ending the turn will raise the suspicious level and has a chance to put you back into a combat, so plan accordingly.

During combat you also have quite a lot of resources at your disposal, each character has their own set of specialized skills that outperform better when applied with other skills from party members. Like any turn based combat system you will want to take them out strategically as you only have a set number of AP before you will need to guard(rest). The combat features a resistance system that is seen in a lot of games these days so you can use this to your advantage for double damage or if not prepared you might only get half damage, but with so many buffs and debuffs you can apply to the enemies, it becomes more of a thinking game who to target with which party member, I think this is such a beautiful decision, It makes the combat less repetitive as every fight will change depending on enemy and your current AP.

Exploration and combat can become more methodical over the mission, as you characters decisions of picking up objects can also affect their stress levels, once this happens puzzle solving becomes even more difficult with it changing word and letters around randomly, also during combat you will have time to pick your move, the higher the stress the more punishing the negative status become.

The game does well in keeping the point-and-click genre together with interesting enough multi-layered puzzles that will make you think at some points.

" It Has Puzzles & The Style "

You will have to make sure you have found certain objects for instance early in the game you will need to find security footage that will help you solve a certain puzzle. Although it could be complete with trial and error, the whole point of these types of games is to explore and with the AP system in place you may need to alternate your methods. I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles, not so much the hacking puzzle which you have to try to guess numbers from the correct solution. Sometimes I found it more tedious than not, and a bit buggy but that should be fixed for launch.The mini games was not the games strong suite and as much as I can see them being needed it just wasn’t as rewarding as the standard logical puzzles.

The setting along with beautiful art is what drew me into the game, and peaked my interest. This futuristic British setting with robots and what not, it is fun to have a setting that feels familiar but outside the box imagination. You will feel immersed while playing, I love comics and to get a game that has key moments and brings up storyboard like cutscenes was very enjoyable and made me want more. I personally found the characters a laugh with their laughable quotes and humor amongst each other. The main story felt a bit dull at times but was kept entertained by the characters themselves.

In terms of the game itself I feel it has a solid foundation and am excited to see what changes the developers have in store for us now that it has been delayed until the 13th october. It is a unique combination that is for sure and I can see it been only for some people because with the RPG ap even on exploration then broken up by combat, the game can sometimes feel interupted and drawn out at parts.

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    “Sunday Gold takes your everyday point-and-click game and adds some JRPG style turn based combat, along with some cool exploration mechanics, it tries something new. The cast can be humours at times along with the setting and the comic art style, you will find multiple ways to love this title. "

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