Time Master: Altering Time Sure Is Fun

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  • March 15, 2022

Time Master is a brilliant addition to the puzzle genre. When it comes to puzzle games you want a challenge, but not stressful. You want different mechanics to play around with, but not complicated. This is where the game excels at, they have truly made a puzzle game that remains chill and atmospheric, all the while remaining a challenge.

In this little quirky game that is Time Master, you will be tasked with trying to get your sister back, that you accidentally banished, oops. For Zeno to accomplish his goal you need to collect crystal fragments that are scattered around the many levels the game has to offer. While it may seem easy on paper, they are not the easiest to get as you will have to solve many puzzles using time paradoxes and your past self.

" Unique Mechanics Anyone? "

The game offers the player the unique time bending mechanic for you to play around with. I had so much fun playing around with this. How this mechanic works is pretty awesome, you can rewind time creating a time paradox meaning; If you go collect a crystal and hit the rewind button, your past self will go collect that crystal while your present self can go to the end of the level to finish it. Sounds complicated to begin with but thankfully the developer has slowly taught us how to use this new mechanic.

Mastering your past self is key to completing all the levels. Every few levels, you are slowly introduced to a new puzzle mechanic for you to learn. They can range from the usual push a button puzzle, to more complicated using fireballs and such to your advantage to reach them pesky Crystals. You will need to try your best to understand and master each mechanic the game has thrown at you, as later in the game multiple of these are put together in one level.

The game does start out easy enough and ramps up the difficulty as you progress. I found it a nice learning curve as you progress. However if you want to complete each level , you will need to be pinpoint perfect, as it is tightly timed to achieve a 3 star rating. The game however does not need you to get 3 stars on each level, and the progress is based on collecting the crystals(lucky for me).

While the game is a puzzle game, do not let that take away the charm this game brings. You will be greeted with multiple beautiful voices over cinematic.I found them so delightful with some light-hearted humour

" Relaxing And Charming "

It is very refreshing and nice to see this in an indie game.The game also keeps delivering more on this front, with the awesome art-style the just draws you, there is something cute about it .Sometimes I even forgot it was a puzzle game and took in the atmosphere of each beautiful handcrafted level, that offers a different unique look each time you progress further, giving you different biomes to explore. With each of these it throws a puzzle to match, when you are in snow biome, prepared to work out a slide on ice puzzle. The game truly is breathtaking even when it comes to the soundtrack, with the relaxing music the puzzles seemed less infuriating

During my playthrough I did struggle a bit on some of the puzzles, but the more I tried the better I got. ThanksĀ  to the ability to skip levels and continue on, It greatly amplifies the fun time you have, because if you are struggling with a certain level you can come back to It at any time. There was something about this puzzle game that just kept inviting me to try to reach 3 stars, most levels I did get there but when I didn’tĀ  I never felt stressed out at all.

Time Master is very welcoming and challenging enough for all levels of skill, with its multiple mechanics for you to try to master, you will not be disappointed at all if you fail, you just dust yourself off and move on.The atmosphere is so light in the game, you can not help yourself falling in love with it.

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    " Time Master is a beautifully designed game, that draws you in with the breathtaking visuals, and keeps you there with the awesome time mechanics. It is nice to see a puzzle game, giving you a breather by throwing you into a voiced-over cinematic. A game that will beg for you to master and complete all levels in the shortest time. "

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