Weakless Review: A Silent Tale Of Friendship

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  • December 18, 2021

Working with some people can be a challenge from the very start. How many times do you walk by someone without helping or knowing their story?

Weakless attempts to portray the kindness of others by letting you play as two different wooden creatures called Weavelings. One of the Weavelings you will play as is deaf, while the other one is blind. Despite their individual disability, you will use each of the Weavelings’ strengths to solve puzzles together and reach the common goal they both share.

" A refreshing tale that sometimes could do more "

The two weavlings you will play - Deaf & Blind

As you step foot into the gorgeous natural world the game is set in, you are greeted with beautiful hand illustrations of the tale that begins with how the two creatures happened to cross paths. The game lets you interpret the story yourself, as there is no narration or even dialogue for that matter: while this actually adds to the whole vibe it is going for, you can find yourself quite lost if you do not understand what is happening in the illustrations, since this dynamic starts from the moment you press play without further introduction or explanations. This storytelling delivery choice continues throughout the whole experience, with no text dialogue or voice acting to be seen, just accomplished by some art drawings on the walls.

I happened to ask myself the question “is it actually hindering the game?”. I mean, let’s face it: silent movies have long touched us for many years, so why can’t a game? The simple answer is, unfortunately, it can a bit. The problem is more evident if, like in this case, the story is very linear and not much is happening on that front. Then the end user will find themself pointlessly walking through a beautifully crafted world just to reach their end goal.

As you adventure through the world in your journey, the original concept and ideas that the game was going for actually shine through when it comes to the mechanics of the characters: the puzzles are basic, yet somehow it feels nice to use two different characters to solve the same puzzle. Let us break it down.

We will start with Deaf: he will actually be played more than the other Weaveling for a few simple reasons…he sees the world in colour -as his vision is not impaired-, however he is over affected by loud sounds. He’s also the shortest one between the two, so he also has a disadvantage when it comes to moving heavy objects, or climbing things without the help of his taller Blind friend.

Then you got the Weaveling Blind. As the name suggests he visually impaired: the developers put this character across and its limitations by making the world around him in black and white, with a short-ranged field of view so he cannot see very far in front. Similarly to what happens with Deaf, this creature is overly affected by bright lights, but he has the added benefits of being tall, which is handy for climbing, and able to move heavy obstacles. The strengths and weaknesses of each Weaveling are beautifully portrayed and balanced, and they make the two creatures really need each other to complete their journey.

When it comes to the puzzles themself most of them are pretty straightforward or simple: they may require you to switch between the two characters frequently, to either step on platforms, help each other up or simply do a certain part of the puzzle as the other character is being blocked off. Nothing that requires overly deep thinking or imply frustration, which adds to the chill atmosphere of the gameplay

When it comes to the Art direction in this game, I feel it has accomplished its goal: the game features beautiful character designs in the shape of these two wooden creatures. The way the two main characters are portrayed truly captivates, by taking a quick first glance at them, what their strong points are. You will explore the breathtaking forest type world with a beautiful backdrop, and in this gorgeously designed setting you will have to traverse through rivers, cliffs and even some ruins. Each new level you load into will be a different zone that depends on how far in the journey you have crossed, but I feel the developers have definitely added enough differences across the levels to make you think you are progressing into the world when travelling to your goal. You will certainly get took in by the chill vibes and atmosphere this game is putting across.

"A beautiful charming world to explore"

Part of the world you will travel through.

I think Weakless has a very strong concept and tale to put across, but when it comes to actual execution the game seems to lose itself at some points. All that being said, for being a short game you can still enjoy your traverse to the heart of the forest and your overall time in the game. Do not expect though the game to be one you will remember after a while, or want to replay in a hurry.

  • Borderline Euphoric

    " A charming game, that tries to portray a kind hearted story, But can lose you throughout at times. "

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