Wylde Flowers: An Inclusive & Magical Life Sim

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  • October 13, 2022

Wylde Flowers is another game in the ever-growing catalogue of farming-sim and life-sim genres. There are so many titles now to choose from that sometimes it makes it difficult to find a game that suits your need.

When it comes to Wylde Flowers, they take an approach that is a little different than other life-sim games, by focusing more on the narrative and inclusion rather than having expansive gameplay elements. So for a game that falls into the farming-sim genre, I noticed things that I just wish were there, but were missing from the game.

" A Town That Is Inclusive "

You take on the role of Tara, a city girl who has come back to the inclusive town of Fairhaven to take care of her sick Grandmother and help her with her farmland. As you playthrough, Tara will find out her Grandmother has a secret to tell: their family is an old bloodline of witches, and she wants to welcome Tara into the coven on the island. You will then help Tara not only create a bustling farm, but also carry on the legacy of the family and become a powerful sorceress.

As you enter the rural and close-knit town of Fairhaven, you immediately see it is a safe space for all, and I like to see this type of growth in games. The small town is bustling with lots of NPCs to greet and do tasks for, and you will get to love some of these “townies” as you get to know them better during your gameplay. The cast of characters and the narrative are really the strong aspects about this game, and what sets it apart from other titles in the genre. I really loved how each character feels unique, with voice-acted cutscenes that really help shape their image and give them a persona of their own, as well as branching narratives that progressively reveal more about that character’s life. When it comes to the social aspect, the game really feels diversified and free, nailing the inclusivity objective that it set out for.

“ Lacking Freedom and customization "

Wylde Flowers has those same farm sim objectives and goals, while giving you the necessary tools to expand and grow. You will spend the day growing vegetables, feeding your livestock, fishing or even out foraging. You can then sell your vegetables, or turn them into meals and sell them for more to make a profit. This is where I think the game slightly misses the mark on the farm sim aspects. Sure, it has the basics and everything you need to continue your growth on your farm, but you are very limited by the amount of stuff you can grow and especially by your farm size: the plot of land at your disposal is very small (even the one you can upgrade) and it feels like you have limited freedom in shaping it, as you can not even change how you want the farm layout to be. This definitely felt like a downfall in this game, as I found myself only farming for quests or for a certain ingredient for meals to keep my energy level up. The farming just didn’t feel as rewarding as it should, with the limited options and set-up.

Thankfully the title adds the twists of magic to the game, and when it comes to nighttime you will be brewing potions that are helpful to Tara and your gameplay, like speed for herself or even the ability to change seasons. This was for sure a nice touch, and a different approach from your standard farm sim game. It really helps set your day, as you will find yourself farming in the morning, talk and help the residents in the afternoon and then let your witch antics loose in the night.

Wylde Flowers is definitely aimed at everyone, and the game experience feels light and casual, along with simple controls and a cute art style that will make you fall in love with Fairheaven and its residents. Its simplicity though could also be a downfall, as -outside of the story- some of the mechanics and actions just felt too simplified and “basic” to keep me entertained and focused on that one thing. I found myself having way more fun just running around the town interacting with people, sitting in the diner having a conversation with the first townie available, as I wanted to know more about them and feel included in this beautiful little town.

If you are looking for an inclusive magical/mysterious story, then Wylde Flowers hits that mark, as the lack of the deep farm-sim mechanics leaves more to be desired on that end. I really enjoyed my time with the narrative and cast of characters, and I just wish there was that little bit more put into the farming aspect to round it all up.

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