Wytchwood Review: A magical fairytale adventure

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  • December 19, 2021

Life was so much simpler when we were young, everything was magical and possible.As life goes on I feel we lose touch with that side. Wytchwood tries to bring that back by letting you explore and feel the power of a fairytale or fable. The game brings you to a mystical world where everything is possible and does it in such a way, with a hand drawn 2.5D world that gives you that feeling you are in a pop-up storybook.

" A world full of possibilities. "

As you enter Wytchwood you are awoken to find a talking goat in your face,and so the journey begins. This talking goat is very suspicious and keeps everything hidden and close to his chest. He will give you the mission of saving a poor soul’s life that lays resting in a cavern just outside your home.The goat gives you one simple ultimatum, you bring him twelve souls scattered across the kingdom from different animals, and in exchange he will bring back this maiden laying in the cavern. So you muster up all your power and fatally accept his quest to save this woman.

In Wytchwood you can craft a lot of spells that will become your main tool for getting to your objective. In this world you will come across NPCs that have something you need to progress through, and get that soul you desperately desire. All will be well until you remember even in fairytales everybody wants something. Now you have awoken the true premise of the game to awake the maiden in the cavern. You are going to have to barter, trade and craft your way to get the final materials,reagents you need to craft the spells that will take down that animal and drop the soul.

The world of Wytchwood is full of spells and reagents to craft. Currently there is 40+ spells  for you to discover, these can be given to you either as a quest reward, or using the witches’ sense. It is a very cool feature that adds to the magical twist of the game, In witch sense you can hover over any of the objects you may come across in wytchwood, it will then highlight the weakness needed to take down this object and get the loot you are really after.

" Enough crafting to satisfy anyone. "

This is also where your 30+ reagents come into play. For instance let us say for one of my quests he would like a humble pie, so one of the ingredients needed is dog hair.. Yes yikes, not good, but to get that dog hair I will need to get it from a dog. Sounds simple enough until that dog wants to eat you for breakfast. So you now have to craft a recipe that will calm him down and put him to sleep, do this over again for every single object in the game and you got your work cut out sourcing some of them rare materials.

As you explore the beautiful world of wytchwood looking for these materials, you will come across lots of different NPCs. Ranging from the army of the world to talking animals, as i mentioned earlier, remember all the things you read in fairytales and fables, through them in this game and everything comes alive. Most of these NPCs have quirky dialogues and comments to match the theme of the game,

The main narrative of the game is a “weird” one and will throw some nice plot twists your way. Each quest for a soul feels different and unique so even though all of them are required for the overall main quest, they are sub quests and have sub stories from the rest. To put it into perspective, picture lots of different fairy tales into one giant book, but the main protagonist is the same throughout each of these fairytales. Sounds weird i know but trust me when i say this, it just adds to the experience of an ever changing magical kingdom, were everyone has their own story and stuff going on.

If you are looking for a chill relaxing experience this game will deliver. Wytchwood  does everything in its power to make it feel unique and interesting. For starters the game offers the player 8 zones to travel through each with their own unique biome. The world will change not only by the backdrop but also the animals and materials you find in each zone will be different. Keeping a game fresh and unique can be hard but this game has hit the right spot for it. The hand drawn illustrations keep you mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it all , add in the atmospheric sounds and you got yourself a game wrapped up in a pretty bow.

  • A True Masterpiece

    " A game that is meant to relax you and give you back those simple days as a kid, Rejoice in a beautiful hand drawn world, full of magical animals and spells to discover. "

    A game that is worthy for your library.

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